At the age of 18, Winsor made a list of her goals for life. Among those was her hope to write a best-selling novel. In , she began writing a thrice-weekly sports column for the Oakland Tribune. Although that job only lasted a year, Winsor remained at the newspaper, working as a receptionist. She was fired in when the newspaper chose to trim its workforce. Herwig was writing a paper for school on Charles II , and, out of boredom, Winsor read one of his research books.

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Kathleen Winsor

Plot[ edit ] Judith Marsh has been engaged since birth to her neighbor, John Mainwaring, heir to the Earl of Rosswood. In , she has her engagement broken off when her family and the Mainwarings find themselves on opposing sides of the English Civil War. During a break in the fighting, John visits Judith and the two consummate their relationship. There, she ends up staying with farmer Matthew Goodegroome and his wife Sarah. In , Amber, now a flirtatious teenager, is being raised by the Goodegroomes in ignorance of her origins. Amber is particularly attracted to Lord Bruce Carlton.


Forever Amber


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