The final prices may differ from the prices shown due to specifics of VAT rules About this Textbook This book on linear algebra and geometry is based on a course given by renowned academician I. Shafarevich at Moscow State University. The book begins with the theory of linear algebraic equations and the basic elements of matrix theory and continues with vector spaces, linear transformations, inner product spaces, and the theory of affine and projective spaces. The book also includes some subjects that are naturally related to linear algebra but are usually not covered in such courses: exterior algebras, non-Euclidean geometry, topological properties of projective spaces, theory of quadrics in affine and projective spaces , decomposition of finite abelian groups, and finitely generated periodic modules similar to Jordan normal forms of linear operators. Mathematical reasoning, theorems, and concepts are illustrated with numerous examples from various fields of mathematics, including differential equations and differential geometry, as well as from mechanics and physics. Summing Up: Recommended.

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Juzshura I would recommend that you begin this course after you have gone through half of the MIT course. Learn More about VitalSource Bookshelf. Differing from existing textbooks in approach, the work illustrates the many-sided applications and connections of linear algebra with functional analysis, quantum mechanics and algebraic and differential geometry.

For this lonear, I have found an extremely good source, Multilinear Algebra and Applications. Text suggestion for linear algebra and geometry Ask Question. In rough overview, in Ch. We provide complimentary e-inspection copies of primary textbooks to instructors considering our books for course adoption. The student resources previously accessed via GarlandScience. A Geometric Approach is a nice geometric approach to linear algebra.

Linear Algebra and Geometry 1st Edition P. Affine and Projective Geometry. I aalgebra read all geomefry it, but quite liked what I did. Linear Spaces and Linear Mappings. Murtuza Vadharia 2 10 I lineae nearly 3 years looking for an understanding as to how linear algebra related to geometry and how this approach was supposed to unify the subject, I have looked at every single one of the books mentioned here and none of them answered my question.

The subjects covered in some detail include normed linear spaces, functions of linear operators, the basic structures of quantum mechanics and an algebrz to linear programming. Algebraic Varieties and Hilbert Polynomials. Sign up using Email and Password. OP asks for more advanced texts and with connection to geometry. Account Options Sign in.

Please read the article koshrikin and then try to read the first 20 pages of Spin Geometry. You will be able to learn analytic geometry along with linear algebra in the first result. It cannot be the main textbook for you, but seems snd be a good source of exercises on the border of linear algebra and geometry, from near elementary to very advanced ones. However, no matter which one you choose, you will have a great experience with the concepts. If you have anymore questions, just feel free to email me.

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Aleksei Ivanovich Kostrikin

Vikinos Linear Algebra and Geometry — P. Suetin, Alexandra I. Kostrikin, Yu I Manin — Google Books In linear algebra we work with space of any finite number of dimensions and in functional analysis we work with infinite-dimensional spaces. Sign up using Facebook. In rough overview, in Ch. It has plenty of good exercises. The third is what I was seeking algebrx alternative to.


Linear Algebra and Geometry

Biographies index Aleksei Kostrikin was the tenth and youngest child of a peasant family [ 4 ]:- His outstanding village schoolteachers imparted to him a love of knowledge and, in particular, mathematics. In Kostrikin entered Saratov State University. Being one of the best students there, he was transferred in to the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics at Moscow State University from which he graduated in At Moscow State University he began a long-lived association with the young professor I R Shafarevich, only six years his senior, and also began his research interests in p-groups and Lie algebras which were to dominate his research career. Kostrikin joined the staff of the Steklov Institute in and continued his association with the Steklov Institute for the rest of his career. He also taught at the Faculty of Higher Algebra at Moscow State University beginning in , becoming the head in and serving in this capacity for 23 years, from to



A Geometric Approach is a nice geometric approach to linear algebra. There are three linear linear algebra textbooks which must be studied cover to cover by any serious student of mathematics and theoretical physics. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. SuetinAlexandra I. Linear Algebra and Geometry — P. Suetin, Alexandra I.


Linear algebra and geometry


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