We spent too much time drooling at the Crystal Caste dice without buying any. I enjoyed Cirondo and probably should have bought it. We got Gipf and Yinsh signed by the games author. We got a close look at the deluxe version of the Liber Cantiones.

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This collection is partly supported by the generous funding of the Walter F. The Benefactors Fund of the Brandeis National Committee has also supported the acquisition of some of the Gorham materials.

The Gorham Collection consists of the original imprints of music or books on or related to music published between and , a golden age of music printing and publishing. Professor Owens specializes in the music from this period, including the works of Josquin des Prez d. Professor Owens delighted in centering her graduate seminars around actual publications from the period.

After Professor Owens left Brandeis in , other instructors have made use of the Gorham materials for research and instruction, most recently Sarah Mead, director of the Brandeis Collegium musicum. During the past ten years, the Gorham and Benefactors funds have provided the funds to purchase these rare materials in their original forms, which are now difficult to locate on the antiquarian book market and inevitably quite costly.

Music students and scholars can learn much from examining these rare imprints from the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries as well as revel in the fascination of leafing through and studying old books--a learning experience that no facsimile, reprint, or scanned computer image, no matter how finely rendered, can reproduce.

In particular, these rare books and scores enable the close study of the edition as a physical and historical object by allowing scholars to examine contemporary binding practices, paper, variations in press runs, printing corrections, marginalia and other jottings by previous owners, and a myriad of other intriguing details.

Brandeis University has been fortunate indeed to have had the funds available to develop such a rich and specialized collection. We hope that future support for additional acquisitons will be forthcoming. To date, the Walter F. The Gardano Music Printing Firms, Eastman Studies in Music. Creative Arts Reference ML Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, Karlheinz Schlager, etc.

A, pt. I6 sec. B, pt. Detroit Studies in Music Bibliography, W26 B4 Acquisitions in Fall-Spring [Interim description of purchases] With the acquisition of nine important imprints dating from to , good fortune continued to shine upon the Gorham Collection during the academic year. Compendium musices confectum ad faciliorem instructionem cantum choralem discentium: necnon ad introductionem huius libelli: qui Cantorinus intitulatur: omnibus divino cultui deditis perutilis et necessarius: ut in tabula hic immediate sequenti latius apparet.

The chants reflect the usage at the German College in Rome before the reformations of the Council of Trent. The first edition was published in Venice: Lucantonio Giunta and is held by numerous libraries. Orlando di Lasso. Selectissimae cantiones, quas vulgo motetas vocant, partim omnino novae, partim nusquam in Germania excusae, quinque et quatour vocibus compositae.

Quintus partbook. Nuremberg: Theodor Gerlach, RISM L Brandeis University now holds the only recorded North-American copy of a partbook from this edition. In , Catharina Gerlach published an expanded version of the collection Altera pars selectissimarum cantionum. Brandeis also owns a copy of the alto partbook from this edition see description below.

A tract volume bound in of six deluxe, quarto-sized, altus partbooks published in Venice by Antonio Gardano between and the binding is stamped ALTVS The publications include: Pietro Giovanelli, comp. Novi [atque catholici] thesauri musici liber primus [-liber quintus] quo selectissime planeque nove, nec unquam in lucem edite cantiones sacre quas vulgo moteta vocant continentur octo, septem, sex, quinque ac quatuor vocum. Altus partbooks. Adrian Willaert. Musica nova. Venice: Antonio Gardano, Giovanelli, an Italian merchant and amateur musician in residence at the Hapsburg court in Vienna, assembled motets by thirty-two composers working within the orbit of Maximilian and his brothers, archdukes Ferdinand and Karl.

Brandeis University now holds the second recorded North-American copy of a partbook from the Musica nova the other is at the University of California, Berkeley. Lodovico Zacconi. Practica di musica seconda parte. Divisa, e distinta in quattro libri. In Venetia: appresso Alessandro Vincenti, Gioseffo Zarlino.

Le istitutioni harmoniche,. In Venetia: appresso Francesco Senese, reissue of the edition. The Brandeis copy comes from the library of the Italian composer Gualfardo Bercanovich , a well-known theoretician and singing teacher who had all of his books identically bound--which in the case of the Zarlino volume, cut away the last letters of the marginalia during the trimming.

The skilled eyes and imagination of a musicologist well versed in reading late sixteenth-century Italian handwriting will be needed to complete the words and to decipher the annotations. Gesualdo Partbooks [Interim description of a purchase] In March , the Brandeis University Libraries purchased an important collection of six partbooks of madrigals by Carlo Gesualdo ca.

Libro primo. Tertia impressione. Madrigali del Venosa a cinque voci. Libro secondo. Terzia impressione. Madrigali a cinque voci del Venosa. Libro terzo.

Novamente ristampato. Libro quarto. Madrigali a cinque voci libro quinto del Prencipe di Venosa. Dedicati al molto illustre signor Alfonso Strozzi. Con privilegio. Del Prencipe di Venosa Madrigali a cinque voci. Libro sesto. Novamente stampati. Identical imprints of the superius and quintus partbooks in bound collections are found in the Col. Frank V. Battista Cesena, minore osservante. In Venetia: appresso Giacomo Vincenti, Canto partbook only.

Giovanni Battista Biondi fl. He was a prolific composer of church music, publishing some nineteen volumes of sacred music between and the Salmi intieri concertati a quattro voci is labeled op. All of his works contain parts for the basso continuo, and reflect the styles of church music developing in Italy during the early decades of the seventeenth century under Claudio Monteverdi , Lodovico Viadana ca.

Curiuously, Biondi appears never to have held a church post. He was living in Bologna before and at Brisighella, near Faenza, in , and may have died in from the plague see Grove Music Online; op.

Partbooks for the other four voices as well as the basso continuo organo are lost In November , The Brandeis University Libraries purchased two remarkable track volumes of nineteen partbooks published between and , thus greatly enhancing the scope and importance of the then recently established Walter F. Compiled and bound in southern Germany in the late sixteenth century into two composite volumes, the editions are splendidly preserved in their original decorative tooled bindings inscribed with the dates and on their respective front covers.

The hefty superius volume of comprises sixteen partbooks, offering a rich compendium of motets and other sacred pieces by numerous composers and published by several important printing establishments in the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy. The volume includes the superius or cantus partbooks of the following sixteen editions. Six anthologies of motets compiled and published by Hubert Waelrant: 1 Hubert Waelrant, comp. Sacrarum cantionum vulgo hodie moteta vocant quatuor vocum, ad veram harmoniam concentumque ab optimis quibusque musicis, in philomusorum gratiam compositarum, liber primus.

Sacrarum cantionum. Davidis sex, quinque et quatuor vocum, a variis, iisdemque praestantissimis musicae artificibus harmonicis numeris adornatus, et modis septendecim concinnatus, hinc inde autum collectus, atque in unum volumen redactus.

The volume of altus partbooks contains three editions of motets by Orlando di Lasso published in Nuremberg by Catharina Gerlach widow of the printers Johann Berg and Dietrich [Theodor] Gerlach : Selectissimae cantiones, quas vulgo motetas vocant, partim omnino novae, partim nusquam in Germania excusae, sex et pluribus vocibus compositae ; RISM L Altera pars Selectissimarum cantionum, quas vulgo motetas vocant, quinque et quatuor vocibus compositarum ; RISM L Fasciculi aliquot sacrarum cantionum cum quatuor, quinque, sex et octo vocibus.

Until now, sixteen of these editions had no representative partbooks in North American collections. The three editions issued by Claudio Merulo Claudio da Correggio in are very scarce no. Partbooks of Secular Polyphony Giovanni Piccioni. Venice: appresso Angelo Gardano, Tenore partbook only. Giovanni Piccioni Pizzoni, Pisoni was born in or in Rimini and served as organist at the cathedral there from to He held an appointment as maestro di musica in Conegliano Veneto from late and may have returned to the Romagna by the early s.

He held the post of organist at the cathedral of Orvieto from until , and was appointed maestro di cappella as well in He was recalled to Orvieto as organist in , his last documented year of activity.

Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni Notitia de contrapuntisti e de compositori di musica, ca.



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Liber Cantiones Deluxe/DSA von Anton Weste, Florian Don-Schauen und Thomas Römer (2008, Kunststoff)

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Liber Cantiones Deluxe: Leder-Edel-Edition


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