Customer Book Reviews Hoping for 4 in a series???? But, the emotional part was what kept me turning the pages. Radclyffe continues to give us strong characters, sensual material, and a thirst for more of her books! I was hooked after reading the first couple of pages. The character development is strong, the writing is tight. Cam and Blair, the two main characters, compliment each other beautifully.

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Customer Book Reviews Hoping for 4 in a series???? But, the emotional part was what kept me turning the pages. Radclyffe continues to give us strong characters, sensual material, and a thirst for more of her books! I was hooked after reading the first couple of pages. The character development is strong, the writing is tight. Cam and Blair, the two main characters, compliment each other beautifully.

They are both strong, independent women who are passionate about their beliefs, but at the same time have a soft side that shows compassion and vulnerability. The security team forms a very tight bond and a fierce loyalty to each other, their chief and the woman they have vowed to protect. This bond strengthens as the story progresses into a race against time. This is Radclyffe at her best; action, intrigue and romance. Love and Honor and Passion and Intrigue and Johnson on Feb 09, This series gets better with each new book.

However, they have no choice but to come clean when Blair begins receiving intimate photos and she is featured in the newspaper in a picture that shows her in an intimate embrace with another woman. The President is supportive of his daughter and seems to genuinely like Cam. While they dig, they find more intrigue than they can handle. A must own. Radclyffe clearly does her homework, as all the details of the life of a Secret Service Agent and the security issues involved in protecting the first daughter, have a realistic feel.

Giving readers who have yet to discover this gripping series time to catch-up! Excellent read - well plotted and written By E. I did not want to put this book down until finished. This was well paced and very believeable. Also look for the Bold Strokes Books edition published October This is a Keeper! She maintains the edge of tension between the main characters that is necessary in good romance books straight or lesbian.

Each installment ratchets the intensity a little more - and this one is a fitting end? The twists and turns that keep the characters on edge with each other make sense within the structure of the narrative. If you enjoy a good romance series get this one. But make sure you get all of the books before you start. It picks up where book two Honor Bound left off, minus the action-packed focus. This time around Radclyffe returns to what she does best Throw in a high-end escort service based in Washington Cam revisits Claire and Blair revisits her club life Even so, I enjoyed these revisits from book one as they were some of my favorite scenarios.

Book one and three have what I like about this series so far. This series gets better with each entry By B. The author takes this chance to really build them into a team, each with talents and connections and the will and ability to protect the other.

For that reason I probably enjoyed this book the best so far. Love is also in the air for others, such as Stark and Savard, and it even appears that Mac will get a love interest. I like how this book picks up directly where the previous volume left off: the team is still dealing with the impacts of the nearly disastrous show-down with Loverboy at the end of the previous book. Agents are dealing with injuries and grief.

Ultimately the dangers in this book are much more political in origin, though they still threaten the life that Blair and Cam want. There has to be an accounting for how the Loverboy bust went so wrong, though it was ultimately successful, and we finally find out why Doyle has it in so badly for Cam. I enjoy how Radclyffe brings all the connections together in the end, and I enjoy that her characters experience emotional and intellectual progression, rather than making the same mistakes and dredging up the same dramas over and over again.

Another winner in this series that so far gets stronger with each entry. Bigelow on May 22, The plot of this book is as described elsewhere. I have been reading lesbian fiction for many years, and can honestly say that I have never come across a writer that has so affected me. Her characters are strong, intelligent, and romantic. The stories, particularly in the series books, are all first class.

Most of her series books are page-turners. And in two of the books, I actually turned to the last page to make sure that the main characters survived - something I never do. Radclyffe let us believe, at least for the duration of each of her books, that the grand passion, the true love, the happy-ever-after are all possible.

The only caveat I have is to read the series books in order. It runs the gamut and spectrum of super secret service stuff and the amazing evolving love affair between Cameron Roberts, chief secret service person for Blair the daughter of the president of the United States , and Blair. A few new folks have been added to the scene with truly delightful implications and energy. I cannot find the words to accurately express how enchanted I am with this series to date, which also includes my introduction via the latest book in the series.

I recommend reading this collection from the beginning, however, I do not feel any discomfort because I started with book nine. Tremendously impressive! Adding to her already overwhelming platter of responsibilities and duties, she somewhat slowly becomes aware that she is being targeted by an intricate Washington, DC undercover ad hoc assemblage of people.

It takes her quite awhile to finally uncover the motivation for this assault and she moreover recognizes this as a back door attack on Blair which strains and solidifies this relationship.

A relentless yet exciting build-up of events sent a supernumerary high-powered rippling excitement through my innards when reading this, truly cementing me to my seat with my nose glued to each page! Immensely thrilling!

Blair Allison Powell is unquestionably the first daughter and only child of the president. She has a fiery heart and is certainly never one to be ignored by the public, her connections in the art world, and definitively her lover. I also learned that she has a flair for managing and procuring information, successfully keeping her sexual preferences off the front pages and incredibly protected from spies, news hounds, and most everyone who might infiltrate her privacy thereby potentially putting the president in a rather awkward position.

Within this book, this issue becomes especially important and Blair maneuvers the manipulation of this data in a way that only she could orchestrate. Blair is a tad too feisty for me to feel comfortable, but she is an indisputably magnificent character both as a public figure and as an intimate mate.

My appreciation and admiration for her has simply grown with each new edition to this series. Intensely engaging! Not the best in the series but still good By Ali D on Aug 03, This is definitely not the best out of this series so far. I just started book 4, so I figured I should write a review on this before I get the plots mixed up.

What I will say is this: Radclyffe is a great writer, and I love the characters of this book, but I feel like the majority of it was about Cam and Blair in bed, vs. A threat that gives them the strength to admit to themselves and those around them that their relationship is serious and that they are in love. Savard gets out of the hospital and she and Stark try to move forward with their feelings for one another.

The seemingly endless threat to Blair puts this on hold and Savard is asked to help out. All in all a very good installment of the Honor Series. I loved the Honor Series.. Every book was really enjoyable and I found myself being drawn into the story of Cam and Blair with every new book.. I would find myself still awake at 2am just wanting to read what would happen next..

Well written with good strong characters I really enjoyed them and would happily keep reading them over and over and living in hope of another installment!!! Wife loved it. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. It was published by Bold Strokes Books and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


Love & Honor (Honor Series)

Shelves: fbi-cia-gov-t , radcliffe Just keeps getting better!!! There are only a certain amount of descriptive words and I think I used those up in the first two books of this series. Her characters are normal, realistic people. Her wit can be subtle but she allows you to know her characters so well you can imagine how they would say something or do in a particular circumstance. To truly appreciate it you need to read the first two. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


Honor Series


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