Akizilkree If no more kontsitucija two candidates take part in the first round, and neither of them receives the requisite number of votes, a repeat election shall be held. No one must be hindered from seeking, receiving, or imparting information and ideas. The length of working time shall be established by law. No one may compel another person or be compelled to choose or profess any religion or belief.

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Nikus A law on the alteration of the Constitution shall kontitucija into force not earlier than one month after its adoption. Everyone shall have the right to have his own convictions and freely express them. Private life shall be inviolable. In the enumerated cases, the Seimas must, within 10 days, call an election of the President of the Republic, which must be held within two months. The Seimas shall appoint the President of the Constitutional Court from among its justices upon submission by the President of the Republic.

Under-age children shall be protected by law. The period of the state of emergency shall not exceed six months. The Constitutional Court shall consist of 9 justices, each appointed for a single nine-year term of office. Everyone who is Lithuanian may settle in Lithuania. Municipal councils shall have the right to apply to a court regarding the violation of their rights.

When necessary, the Seimas may approve an additional budget. The duty of children shall be to respect their parents, to take care of them in their old age, and to preserve their heritage. In implementing its foreign policy, the Republic of Lithuania shall follow the universally recognised principles and norms of international law, shall seek to ensure national security and independence, the welfare of its citizens, and their basic rights and freedoms, and shall contribute to the creation of the international order based on law and justice.

Lithuanian shall be the state language. The limitations established on work and political activities for the judges of courts shall also apply to the justices of the Constitutional Court. Higher education shall be accessible to everyone according to individual abilities. A law or another act adopted by referendum must, within 5 days, be signed and officially promulgated by the President of the Republic. Citizens shall have the right to receive, according to the procedure established by law, any information held about them by state institutions.

This right may not be limited otherwise than by law and only when this is necessary to protect the security of the State or society, public order, the health or morals of people, or the rights or freedoms of other persons.

A law or part thereof of the Republic of Lithuania or another act or part thereof of the Seimas, an act or part thereof of the President of the Republic, or an act or part thereof of the Government may not be applied from the day of the official publication of the decision of the Constitutional Court that the act in question or part thereof is in conflict with the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania.

A pre-trial investigation shall be organised and directed, and charges on behalf of the State in criminal cases shall be upheld, by prosecutors. A Minister must resign when more than half of all the Members of the Seimas, by secret ballot, express no confidence in him. When more than half of the Ministers are replaced, the Government must once again receive its powers from the Seimas. All persons shall be equal before the law, courts, and other state institutions and officials.

The seizure of state power or state institutions by force shall be considered anti-constitutional actions, which are unlawful and invalid. Their system and powers shall be established by law.

Information concerning the private life of a person may be collected only upon a justified court decision and only according to the law. Everyone shall have the right to freely choose any religion or belief and, either alone or with others, in private or in public, to profess his religion, to perform religious ceremonies, as well as to practise and teach his belief.

Courts shall adopt decisions in the name of the Republic of Lithuania. Daniela added it Dec 05, The candidate for the post of the President of the Republic who, during the first round of voting in which not less than half of all the voters participate, receives the votes of more than half of all the voters who participate in the election shall be deemed elected.

The Government shall draw up a draft State Budget and present it to the Seimas not later than 75 days before the end of the budget year. IX of 13 July. The judges of the courts of the Republic of Lithuania shall be released from their duties according to the procedure established by law in the following cases: The officials appointed or elected by the Seimas, with the exception of the persons specified in Article 74 of the Constitution, shall be dismissed from office when the Seimas expresses no confidence in them by a majority vote of all the Members of the Seimas.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The day of election kojstitucija the new Seimas shall be specified in the resolution of the Seimas or in the act of the President of the Republic on the early election to the Seimas.

The justices of the Constitutional Court who will be appointed for three- or six-year terms may hold the same office for one more term of office after an interval of not less than three years. During the period when there is still no President of the Republic, the legal situation shall be equivalent to the situation provided for in Article 89 of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania. The freedom to express convictions, as well as to receive and impart information, may not be limited otherwise than by law when this is necessary to protect human health, honour or dignity, private life, or morals, or to defend the constitutional order.

The law and courts shall protect everyone from arbitrary or unlawful interference with his private and family life, as well as from encroachment upon his honour and dignity. Without the consent of the resident, it shall not be permitted to enter his home otherwise than by a court decision or according to the procedure established by law when this is necessary to guarantee public order, apprehend a criminal, or save the life, health, or property of a human being.

Vilnius, 8 June The formation and competence of courts shall be established by the Law on Courts of the Republic of Lithuania. Persons who do not have sufficient knowledge of the Lithuanian language shall be guaranteed the right to participate in the investigation and court proceedings through a translator.

Lists with This Book. Justina rated it it was amazing Konstitufija 22, The term of powers of the Members of the Seimas shall begin to be counted from the day on which the newly elected Seimas convenes for the first sitting. Nor may they receive any remuneration other than the remuneration established for judges and payment for educational or creative activities.

The procedure for the organisation and activities of kostitucija institutions shall be established by law. Citizens who are declared by a court to be legally incapacitated shall not participate in elections. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. TOP Related Posts.





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