Most are familiar with this sort of novel. Odd pockets of civilization survive the ultimate destruction. A battle that gives no warning, no vibes at all. There were no preparations to make, because Who Knew? With people that happened to be together in a safe place at the right time.

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Start your review of Malevil Write a review Shelves: fiction , culture , science , french , 20th-century , dystopia , apocalyptic Malevil, Robert Merle Malevil is a science fiction novel by French writer Robert Merle. The protagonist is Emanuel Comte, former school director, now turned farmer and landowner. He is also an owner of a tourist attraction - an old castle called Malevil after Malevil, Robert Merle Malevil is a science fiction novel by French writer Robert Merle.

He is also an owner of a tourist attraction - an old castle called Malevil after the nearby village. Comte is a highly motivated, well-respected person with a talent for diplomacy and leadership. By chance, Emanuel and several of his friends find themselves in the wine cellar of the castle during the unexpected outbreak of nuclear war.

The survivors find their surroundings reduced to ashes and rubble. Together under the leadership of Emanuel they start to rebuild. They later discover that other people and animals have survived in nearby farmsteads and villages. Nature begins anew and an agrarian society starts to reform. From time to time more survivors show up, some bringing death and destruction with them. God, What a mess. God, will I ever learn? In pages of exposition and tedious writing there are three well written scenes.

The remaining pages read like a poorly written how-to manual providing painfully dull detail of fortifying your 12th century French castle after a nuclear event. The author must have spent a decade working through every single possibility; he has his characters embody the different opinions of what should be done but leaving Emmanuel the narrator and protagonist always left making the final, and best, solution. Did I say characters?

I meant males. Because the females in this book exist only to be fucked or fought after. I have no idea what Merle is like in real life, but he is definitley no Theroux writing mysogony. Hearing my wife groan over the constantly poorly written scenes and female characters was the Greek Chorus to this dreck.

I have only kicked two books across the room after finishing them in disgust. This one was so bad I have remorse now for punting the other. At all costs.


[PDF] Malevil Book by Robert Merle Free Download (635 pages)

Emmanuel Comte is a school headmaster turned rancher in the rural village of Malejac, France. Once a tourist attraction, Malevil was condemned after a visitor was killed by falling masonry. His childhood friends stop by on Easter Sunday, to discuss local politics turning in their favor and end up tasting wine in the castle cellars. Now Emmanuel and his friends are picking up the pieces and trying to survive after a nuclear holocaust. But they have one key advantage: a fortified stronghold that weathered the centuries and the Apocalypse.


Robert Merle



Malevil (1983)


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