Because Jesus calls his church to be loving and his people to love his church. Thursday, January 15, nooma: empty shells. There is no doubt that Rob Bell is an engaging, stimulating, inspiring and uplifting public speaker. This is especially evident in the nooma videos. Each are about 13 minutes long.

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Jesus said one simple word "no we are going to move on towards Jerusalem". Jesus met with God daily in prayer. God had a sole purpose for Jesus Christ on this earth and Jesus was well aware that it was death on the cross.

The disciples and people around Jesus did not know this purpose the disciples tried to get Jesus to do what they thought Jesus should be doing.

Time after time Jesus just kept on moving towards Jerusalem because Jesus knew that is were God was going to use Him. People around my life are going to try and convince me what they want for my life but God has a purpose in my life. He is going to use all the abilities and talents He has givne me to do something for His glory. This reminds me of the game risk, that I often play at college, God doesnt want us to be busy doing little of nothing but he wants us to stack all our troops into one area and dominate it.

Unlike risk where the object is to spread the troops aound and what ends of happing is single troops in many countries. We are not capable of having alot of troops in every country. Jesus came and dominated every area and won the game but God wants us to just stack the troops talents that we have and focus all of them in one area. Just one maybe two areas. Do I have my hands full of sand so when God presents that diamond that he wants me to have, I am unable to pick it up.

God wants us to be free say yes to one direction and say no to things that will take us of course and not let us dominate the area God has for us. I need to free up time to dominate one are so I can run and grab the diamond opportunity, the purpose God has given my life. Know the calling then prepare and no to other callings that others may have for you life. God wants to use me! The only relationship that matters is the one between me and Him.

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