Influence of Neo-Concretes[ edit ] The Neo-Concrete Manifesto [1] was written in by Gullar and begins: We use the term "neo-concrete" to differentiate ourselves from those committed to non-figurative "geometric" art neoplasticism , constructivism , suprematism , the school of Ulm and particularly the kind of concrete art that is influenced by a dangerously acute rationalism. In the light of their artistic experience, the painters, sculptors, engravers and writers participating in this first neo-concrete exhibition came to the conclusion that it was necessary to evaluate the theoretical principles on which concrete art has been founded, none of which offers a rationale for the expressive potential they feel their art contains. It is only with the participation of the spectator that the artwork becomes complete. He was exiled by the Brazilian dictatorship that lasted from to In , while living in Argentina , Gullar wrote his best-known work, "Poema Sujo" "Dirty Poem" in English , in which he attributes his decision to stop writing poetry to the increasing persecution of exiles, many of whom were found dead, and to hypothetical thoughts about his own death.

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Only a flicker Over the strained time-ridden faces Distracted from distraction by distraction Filled with fancies and empty of meaning Tumid apathy with no concentration Men and bits of paper, whirled by the cold wind That blows before and after time, Wind in and out of unwholesome lungs Time before time and after. Perdia o tempo nas ruas, nas rodas de amigos. Eu era um moleque da rua, rebelde, vivendo num ambiente marginal que rejeitava o rumo normal do meu pai comerciante e me jogava no bilhar, no baralho, na vadiagem, na pescaria.

Quando descobri que podia escrever, comecei a me preparar para isso. Esses viraram seus lugares mais frequentados, viraram seu cotidiano. Cada vez mais cria contatos na poesia, no jornalismo, na literatura. Os temas o comovem. Tem em mente sua corporeidade: dela, conclui-se finito, limitado, imperfeito e contingente. De nada importa se o nome era Marilia ou Gabriela: ela passou, foi esquecida. Assim como esqueci de tanto e tantos. Ele sabe-se contingente.

Cair nas falhas do assoalho, viver com ratos. Por sua vez essa incompletude alimenta sua quimera: quem sou? Acordamos para lutar, e vivemos esquecendo disso. Vivemos para esquecer disso. Nacional,


Ferreira Gullar



Poema sujo, de Ferreira Gullar


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