The front of the form contains an expanded Remarks section and provides more specific instructions regarding FMLA designation. The back of the includes assistance to help employees determine whether the request is a potential FMLA-protected absence. The form is available on Blue. Current forms, dated March or earlier, should be destroyed. Employees should pay close attention to the back of the Form , which now includes a section allowing employees to alert the Postal Service that their absence may be covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act. If the leave request relates to an ongoing FMLA condition, the employee should notate the FMLA case number to speed up the handling of the leave request.

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I hope this finds you having had a wonderful holiday season, spending time with your families and friends, and having had some joyous times leading into I also want to thank you all. Because of your hard work, the holidays were brighter due to the gifts, cards, and letters you delivered during the season.

A change to the form has been made that has a major impact on any member who may be asked to perform union business. On the back of the form there is a new section: LWOP-Union Official Required Certification By signing this form, I certify that this request is not for the purpose of engaging in partisan politi- cal activity as defined by the Hatch Act and its implementing regulations. These changes resulted from a situation during the presidential elections.

The postal unions regularly use union members on Leave Without Pay LWOP for union business in order to help get union supported candidates elected to office. However, in one location an employee was upset that he had to work some overtime to cover for an employee who was off on LWOP to support the union political efforts.

Because of this, the USPS was required to create a plan of action and make changes to prevent these alleged violations from occurring again.

Your union is not taking these changes lightly. These are not fair, reasonable, or equitable. In our opinion, this is just another attempt in the current political environment to silence unions and the workers of America in general.

We will be initiating a national dispute on this change and are considering other legal actions through the court system, as well as the National Labor Relations Board unfair labor practice charging process. In the early s there was a presidential gag order preventing any government employee — especially postal employees — from lobbying Congress for pay and benefit increases.

This gag order helped lead to the formation of our pre-cursor union — the United Federation of Post Office Clerks. The APWU will not allow us to be silenced again! Share this article.


PS Form 3971 "Request for or Notification of Absence"

This began effective leave year January 5, The eligible employees will receive an allotment of hours of WWL. WWL will continue to be provided to newly hired employees at the beginning of their term of employment as required by the terms of the Act. It is a separate leave category, distinct from sick leave. Approved WWL cannot be adversely used against an eligible employee for attendance and discipline purposes. There is an exception to the advance approval for unexpected treatment the qualifies for WWL.



How to Fill out PS Form ? What Is PS Form ? The form is inaccessible online, but you can download a PDF version of this form down below for reference. Employees can order the form through the MDC catalog or through the Touch Tone Order Entry TTOE system by calling employee must have a digit access code; otherwise, call to register. The form is also available on the intranet for postal service office employees.


Postal Times



APWU Fights Changes to PS-Form 3971


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