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When change is very abrupt, they are called hyper abrupt type. They are used in oscillators to sweep for different frequencies. Gallium-arsenide varactor diodes : The semiconductor material used is gallium arsenide. They are used for frequencies from 18 GHz up to and beyond GHz. Capacitance from a few picoFarads to hundreds of picoFarads is provided. Capacitance range : Range of capacitance produced when voltage is varied. Voltage range : The minimum and maximum voltage that can be applied to the device.

Bias current : The bias is always reverse. This means that the varactor diode does not conduct electricity. If the bias is turned positive then the device will start conducting. Other criteria to be considered include : reverse and breakdown voltage, leakage current, junction temperature.

Voltage and other transients must be avoided. Transients can occur if the DC voltage is put off. The depletion zone width depends on the applied voltage and this makes the capacitance vary with the applied voltage. Other Applications: They are used in PLL, voltage controlled oscillators, harmonic generation, electronic tuning devices in tuners for television, mobiles, parametric amplification, AM radios, voltage-variable tuning, frequency multipliers, etc.


This listing is for one original new STK411-550G Sanyo Power Integrated Circuit.



Power IC (LM339 LM393 LM324 LM358 LM2904 NE555 JRC4558 MC34063)


DD FORM 1423-1 PDF

Circuito Integrado Stk411-550 G - Stk411 550 G - Stk411550 G


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