We hope your interest will be piqued enough to seek the episodes out for yourself. After this episode, though, we were hooked. On a larger scale, we consider this episode the beginning of the current Top Gear style. Putting a pickup on the roof of a building during a controlled implosion effectively separated modern Top Gear from the previous iteration. We truly believe it was that moment that marked the beginning of what we know now as Top Gear.

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No brainer, right? Obviously the plane is faster… or is it? See, the catch is that Hammond and May will have to use public transportation to get to and from airports in the U. That means James May chose a dainty convertible with a sail, Richard Hammond chose a wonky van with a poorly-engineered propeller, and Jeremy Clarkson bolted a massive engine to the back of a pickup.

What could possibly go wrong? Everything could go wrong. And it does. The hilarity of the situation ensued when Hammond and May realized how expensive and time-consuming the project would be. Unsurprisingly, the pair decided to use cheap parts from model airplanes, but the best part of the clip is learning of all the scientific obstacles impeding their success.

May puts both an Alfa Romeo and a Saab together to make a limo that is sporty and sensible — complete with an interior sporting a sauna and a replica of the Sistine chapel. Hammond builds a rear-drive sport limo convertible, and Jeremy builds a Fiat Panda-based two-door limo so long that occupants must use a pull-cart to get to the back seat.

Peel P50, Bugatti Veyron vs. First up was the Peel P Compared to the Peel P50, everything is massive. Afterward, the crew decided a good matchup for the Veyron top speed of mph would be the Eurofighter jet top speed of 1, mph. First back across the finish line wins. Go on and join the 31 million other people who have watched this race.

This film might be insulting to Southerners, as it makes them look like murderous, inbred morons. Vietnam Special — Series 12, Episode 8 Have you ever wished you could road trip through Vietnam on a scooter or motorcycle? Along the way, they have custom suits made, which only add to the hilarity. When Clarkson eventually crashes the scooter he barely knows how to operate, however, the trip gets a bit dicey. Polar Race Special — Series 9, Episode 8 While all the other episodes on this list are ambitious but rubbish, as the boys like to say, the Polar Special is on another planet altogether.

Imagine the sheer audacity required to wonder if your television show could successfully drive a car to the North Pole for the first time in the history of man. Clarkson and May — full of gin and tonics — race a highly modified Toyota Hilux against Hammond and a team of sled dogs to the top of the Earth. The cars — a Ford GT, a Ferrari , and a Pagani Zonda — were great, but living with them in the real world proved to be a challenge.

To address those critics, Clarkson undertook a thorough road test of the Ford Fiesta back in Series The Fiesta is a sensible small car, but Clarkson ends up doing some not-so-sensible things with it.


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