Vozragore Zoom in Zoom out. And because this LFD has an embedded video matrix processor, it supports 1 x 1 to 10 x 10 wall formats, hd55a you to enjoy total convenience. Thank you Thank you for your interest, we will get back to you ud55x. We never stop improving our operation by always putting our customers — and their needs — first. Review it and you could win a R Voucher.

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After calibration, these displays offer an industry-leading local uniformity of more than 90 percent across 25 5x5 areas of each display screen, resulting in uniform color expression across the entire display. The calibration process also enables the displays to offer a superior white balance difference of less than degrees K.

Through these advanced color management solutions, the UDE Series video walls enable large-scale presentations to feature superior uniformity, consistency and performance for the ultimate in color expression.

Featuring an ultra-narrow 3. When exposed to a range of environmental conditions, video wall panels can run the risk of losing image quality due to distortion and irregular color presentation.

Each display features a reinforced panel that deters heat, weather and other stress-inducing conditions. Plus, an anti-glare panel to ensure messages reach relevant audiences with minimal distraction by light reflection — All these enhanced panel quality allows the long term delivery of brilliant contents and the ultimate viewing experience Achieve UHD Picture Quality without Additional Devices through Industry-Leading Technology With an increase in screen size, content resolution becomes even more important to deliver impactful content.

The displays offer nit brightness to broadcast vivid, highly legible images and visual messaging in various lighting conditions. The combination of these embedded design benefits makes the UDE-B Series video walls ideal for content and information delivery in usage environments that require enhanced readability, such as transportation terminals, shopping malls, office lobbies and control rooms. Featuring the same dimension with a video wall, the users can simply install the mount first and fit into the video wall, without spending time to measure dimension of wall mount and calculate the gapThe displays come with an industry-leading slim, 39mm depth video wall mount for easy installation and calibration to hold each display in place without distracting viewers.

The mount system offers three-dimensional axis tuning, including x-axis up-and-down with rotational screws ; y-axis left and right with rail movement ; and z-axis push and pull pop-up capability , for effortless alignment of individual displays to form a continuous, gap-free video wall.


Монитор Samsung UD55A

В ней используется подсветка Direct LED, которая подразумевает расположение многочисленных светодиодов за матрицей, что дает контрастное и равномерное по яркости изображение. Samsung UD55A Как отмечает производитель, инсталляции видеостен на основе таких панелей могут успешно использоваться в диспетчерских, ситуационных центрах, метеорологических станциях, полицейских участках, медицинских учреждениях — везде, где необходимо получать максимально большое и детальное изображение карта местности, результат МРТ. Панели также будут незаменимы на выставках, конференциях, в галереях, университетах, телекомпаниях, магазинах. Панели имеют разрешение Full HD x и способны отображать четкую, детализированную картинку. При использовании в составе видеостены еще меньшая, по сравнению с предыдущими моделями суммарная толщина рамок 5,5 мм не даст упустить мелкие, но важные детали изображения. По обещанию Samsung, новая LFD панель Samsung легче 24 кг и экономичнее конкурентов, а также удобна в установке и обслуживании.


Характеристики ЖК панель Samsung SyncMaster UD55A в Волгограде


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