Tasar MultEQ applies processing to over specific frequencies in the audio spectrum, correcting the sound to perfectly match your listening environment with incredible precision. Enjoy the ultimate in music reproduction, with technology that analyses and corrects acoustical problems inherent to the car. Seat and dashboard ipmrint change certain frequencies. It analyses the acoustic characteristics of your car interior, and then creates a set of equalisation filters to correct for frequency response and time delay problems for each speaker in your car. In addition, since the speakers are located at different distances from the listeners, the sound stage created in the car is unbalanced and asymmetrical.

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Kikus For example one measurement for the driverseat 6 Positions and the second for all front passengers. Published by Zoe Welch Modified over 3 years ago.

It uses dynamic frequency allocation to apply hundreds of points of correction to those areas where the sound problems are greatest. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Hear a few seconds and then switch MultEQ on.

Before you begin the demonstration switch MultEQ off. Sometimes you can improve the result when you try a different microphone position.

Problems with the Software You should have the latest software version V2. The installation is still an important part of a good Audio system. Stop the engine, switch the air-condition and the fan off. A hardware-plus-software solution for adding sound quality value to vehicle engineering and marketing. The software shows always the status and the options.

Place the microphone at normal ear height, centered approximately 5,0 cm in front of the headrest position. If speakers are installed in the door empty the door compartment. The result will be a vast improvement just as well. Please contact your local Alpine support for details. To make manaul passes with different conditions is not possible.

Poor Acoustics in the Car The car interior is full of materials that actively distort and degrade the sound.

It is especially effective with compressed mannual sources like MP3 and WMA, where it restores the higher frequency ranges, improving signal contrast.

The Ai-NET system links high performance components via a high-speed bus, providing greater sound quality and control convenience, plus easier system upgrading. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. The first measurement takes a long time, approximetly 10 minutes. The Process It is the only system that measures the entire listening area, capturing frequency and time domain information from each listening location, and then applying a proprietary method for combining this information to represent all seat locations.

We think you have liked this presentation. Sometimes you have some level differences. You can see the curve before and after MultEQ has done the calculations. The measurement results may improve when the front headrests are removed before measurements. They can be activated with a first click on the button. Please also read our data protection.

The lead vocals of the track should stay at the center position of the sound stage. MultEQ applies processing to over specific frequencies in the audio spectrum, correcting the sound to perfectly match your listening environment with incredible precision.

Ultra-high-resolution Bit DAC delivers exceptionally smooth and accurate reproduction of your digital sources. The Innovations award program has become indicative of the best-designed products in consumer technology.

Every noise can degrade the performance. Choose the curve that best suits your customers needs. With the second click you can then send your referral for the specific page which you wish to recommend. Go pax-h the Tools menu, select Audio and then Audio setup wizard.

MultEQ solves all this by using more than control points along the frequency spectrum. TOP 10 Related.





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