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With 23 disciplines working on the CNY The project team used MicroStation, PowerCivil, and AECOsim Building Designer for collaborative design, model review, collision detection, and construction simulation, with ProjectWise providing the connected data environment for accessing and sharing information. China Railway used MicroStation and AECOsim Building Designer to establish a full component library and to perform parametric modeling, which accelerated the design process.

The image rendering capabilities of LumenRT facilitated railway landscape design and enhanced client communication. This digital airport pilot project was initiated to create a central repository for infrastructure maps, building systems, and facilities management data.

The BRL , project is the first of its kind in Brazil to be developed with a BIM methodology, and Infraero will reference this model when virtualizing its other 53 airports.

All files were rapidly processed with Bentley software, despite their large size. AECOsim Building Designer modeled the existing buildings, and it assisted in designing and organizing airport facility libraries. OpenRoads created the geometric project and runway system surfaces map.

Asset performance modeling and information management benefit commercial, operations, maintenance, and engineering departments and is anticipated to save Infraero BRL , annually. The South Korean government recognized the demand to establish a proactive bridge maintenance system for more reliable infrastructure operation and management. To determine a cost-effective solution for preventive maintenance, the government initiated a KRW 30 million bridge modeling project. Using OpenBridge Modeler, the team created a parametric digital model of the bridge and exported it to RM Bridge for structural analysis.

ContextCapture provided the necessary reality modeling capabilities to verify the design model and present the current condition of the damaged structure. The flexibility and interoperability of Bentley software facilitated real-time collaboration to optimize design accuracy while significantly reducing modeling time. These capabilities also enabled the integration of BIM processes and reality meshes to create the digital asset model.

Guangxi Communications Design Group Co. Guangxi is responsible for design, coordination, and construction management. Located among mountainous areas, the CNY The team used ContextCapture to create 3D reality meshes and conduct spatial analysis for site planning, saving CNY , in survey and mapping costs, and achieving 95 percent space utilization. Using OpenRoads optimized modeling of the highway elements and Navigator facilitated collision detection to identify and solve issues in advance.

MicroStation improved construction accuracy, reduced material loss, and served as the construction management platform. The software significantly improved construction quality and provided a solid foundation for timely completion. The GBP 4 billion project involves constructing a kilometer tunnel, and has been divided into East, Central, and West contracts. AECOM is responsible for multidiscipline design and engineering and handover of construction models and drawings to the client for the Central contract.

The team used an integrated portfolio of Bentley applications to meet these deliverables and address the environmental challenges and site constraints. With Navigator, the team performed clash detection and design reviews, while ContextCapture was used to generate a reality mesh for specific sites to highlight difficult areas related to the river wall.

Working in a connected data environment using ProjectWise, more than 1, users and in excess of 40 stakeholders shared and stored more than , documents, more than 4, drawings, and over 1, models.

The line corridor is in an urban area amid complex terrain and a densely populated environment, limiting the line route. Upon completion, the transmission line will improve the structure of the power grid in Xianning District, enhancing reliable power supply and the quality of electricity. The project team used AECOsim Building Designer and MicroStation for 3D modeling of the towers, electric power fittings, and insulator strings, and imported the models into STAAD for stress analysis under extreme weather conditions to ensure optimal conductivity.

Using aerial drones and ContextCapture to generate reality meshes of the four areas routing the transmission line saved two days of on-site reviews and prevented the demolition of six houses. Upon completion, the railway will be As part of its 5D BIM digital project management platform, Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Maha-Metro developed an Asset Information Management System to combine engineering and maintenance information and 3D models from disparate systems into a synchronized environment for an asset-centric approach that covers the entire lifecycle of the railway.

Using iModels offered longevity and open access to the 3D models without any data loss. Using the Asset Information System will extend asset life, increase productivity, improve decision making, and optimize operational performance, saving an estimated USD million over 25 years. The CNY 2. Given the large geographic span, wide construction area, and tight construction timeline, the overall project consultant CCCC Water Transportation Consultants Co.

CCCC identified and remedied more than collision points, optimizing design and reducing costly rework. Performing construction simulation facilitated construction management, shortening the construction period by 64 days to save CNY 6.

ProjectWise provided the connected data environment to streamline workflows and improve design efficiency. By integrating ContextCapture to generate a reality mesh from UAV terrain data collected on-site, the team facilitated earthworks planning and saved approximately CNY 40 million.


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